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Brand New Style Of Nusantara's

A brand new experiences with different styles of Nusantara Foods

In general, ordering food at various restaurants must be directly in place, but in 12 kitchens customers can order online easily only by going through this website.

Convenience of service to customers is the number one thing for us. We try our best to make dishes in a very fast time so that customers don't have to wait a long time.

We maximize the taste of the food we serve so that customers can enjoy it. We strive to maintain the distinctive taste of food from these various regions.

About Us

12 kitchen is a restaurant that sells Indonesian specialties from various regions. Not only food as for drinks from various regions that are here. The advantage of this restaurant is that visitors can order online through this website.

Our Specials

Empal Gentong Cirebon

Empal gentong is a traditional dish that has existed since 1994. The contents consist of intestines, tripe, and sliced ​​beef stewed in yellow sauce with a sprinkling of chives leaves.

Pempek Palembang

We can find this food in almost all areas of South Sumatra. The savory taste of fish and sweet, salty, spicy cuko sprinkles make this food a prima donna among the people of Indonesia.

Gudeg Jogjakarta

Gudeg is a typical local food from Yogyakarta, the main ingredient of which is jackfruit. Eating gudeg with chili sauce is guaranteed to be even more delicious.

Binte Biluhuta

Binte Biluhuta or Milu siram is a corn soup that has a sweet, salty, and spicy taste. This dish is made from ingredients such as corn, fish, and shrimp.

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